Our sex doll girls are all made of TPE silicone, with a built-in metal skeleton, and the joints can be adjusted, so the doll can have many shapes. However, when storing, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. When storing, it is forbidden to bend the limbs of the sex doll, and then put it in a closet, box or a narrow space., this will cause varying degrees of damage to the joints of the sex doll. Avoid placing it next to sharp objects during storage. Crashing these items reduces the life span of the sex doll.

2. Non-standing sex dolls are not allowed to stand for a long time, because the skeleton of the soles of the feet will pierce the skin of the soles of the feet under the influence of gravity, which will not only affect the sex doll's standing posture, but also cause a certain degree of damage to the sex doll's joints.

3. Please do not stretch the legs of the sex doll to a position of 180 degrees. This will loosen the screws on the thighs and reduce the life of the love doll. After posing a proper posture, you should return to the normal posture as soon as possible. Do not pull the joints of the sex doll vigorously to avoid damage and irreparability.

4. Since our sex doll are made of TPE medical silicone, and the nature of the silicone material is easy to stain, please do not wear rough clothes on the doll to avoid scratching the skin of the sex doll. It is also forbidden to wear dark-colored or easily faded clothes for the sex dolls. Avoid dyeing of raw materials. It is best to wear light-colored or white clothes for the sex doll. Because the cleaning paste can only handle small stains, it is difficult to completely remove large areas of staining.

5. When storing, please avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, because it will dissolve the material of the doll or cause other damage. It should be placed in a dry, cool and hidden place, away from children, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. It is best to store it after cleaning, which will increase the life of the sex doll.


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