Joints Care

Because the product itself is too heavy, it is best to lay it flat, and remember to avoid bending it for too long. Please read carefully the section of the manual about the range of activities of the doll before use. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

During first use the sex dolls, the joints may feel a little stiff, because our products are shipped directly from the factory, and the screws on the joints of the doll are all screwed down, so the joints will be a bit difficult when used for the first time , please rest assured, this is normal. After you use it for a long time, the screws in the joints will loosen. In order for the doll to accompany you for a longer period of time, the range of activity should not be too large to prevent tearing. The following points are about the scope of the doll's activities, please read carefully:

1. Head: You can raise the doll's head back and forth, but please note that the movement can not exceed 45 degrees, and it can also be turned left and right, and the movement should not exceed 30 degrees.

2. Arm: When operating the hand joints, please hold the elbow with one hand, hold the wrist with one hand and gently lift it up. Do the same operation when putting it down, do not force it. The upper arm cannot raise the side by more than 80 degrees, and the front side cannot be raised more than 75 degrees. The forearm range cannot exceed 60 degrees, the left and right rotation angle cannot exceed 45 degrees, and the wrist range cannot exceed 65 degrees.

3. Fingers: There are no joints in the fingers, and they can bend freely back and forth.

4. Legs: When operating the leg joints, please hold the knee with one hand and the ankle with the other, and gently lift it up. Do the same operation when you put it down, do not force it. The thighs cannot be raised more than 70 degrees to the side, and cannot be raised more than 100 degrees to the front. Do not bend the knee joint more than 90 degrees.

5. Feet: When the calf is bent from various angles, it cannot exceed 45 degrees, and the ankle can not be bent more than 45 degrees back and forth.

6. Buttocks: The range of movement of the buttocks is about 180 degrees.

7. Waist: The waist cannot be bent forward, but can be bent backward, and the range of motion cannot exceed 40-50 degrees. Excessive bending or incorrect bending posture will directly cause the waist hinge to break, making it unusable.

This is the description of the doll's range of activities, thanks for your reading!


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