Sex Doll Repair

What if the sex doll's skin is wrinkled? How to change the eye color of the doll? If...Good questions, we provide some methods for the common problems of these customers. If the following article does not mention the problem you care about, you can send us an email or chat online! (We can provide related videos for the following problem)

Why does the skin of a sex doll wrinkle?
Due to the long-term transportation of the goods, problems such as squeezing or certain collisions between the goods will definitely be caused. Therefore, when the goods are opened, you will find that the skin on the surface of the doll is wrinkled. When this problem occurs, cover it with a warm towel. On the visible dents of the doll. Once the wrinkled part gets hot, put on gloves and pat the area with your hands until the wrinkles disappear. Or you can use a hair dryer. Please note that when using a hair dryer to repair wrinkles, the temperature should not be too high to avoid dissolution of the material. To avoid staining the doll, please use a white wet towel to cover the folds, and then use a hair dryer to heat it. After heating continuously, you will find that the wrinkles will gradually disappear.

What if my doll is scratched?
When the doll is punctured by a sharp object, please clean the punctured area first, and then prepare a heat gun or other heating tool, aim at the damaged area, let it melt, then smooth it, and then apply a Layer talcum powder and leave it to rest. If the damaged place is serious, please don't repair it yourself, so as not to cause further damage to the doll, and finally it cannot be repaired. Please contact our customer service staff immediately, we will provide you with more professional help!

What should I do if the sex doll's eyelashes fall off?
If the eyelashes of the doll fall off, use a cotton swab to moisten it with glue, and then gently brush to the root of the fallen eyelashes, and then stick it on.

How to change the eye color of the doll?
If you find that the eyes of the doll are asymmetrical, you can gently move the eyeballs with your hands to make them symmetrical; if you want to change the eyeball color, open the eyelids with your hand, and then pull out the eyeballs with your other hand. When replacing it, please put the cotton in first, because cotton can better fix the position of the eyes, making it difficult to fall off , and then put the eyeballs that need to be replaced.

What to do if the doll’s hair is knotted?
When the doll’s hair is knotted, please wash it with clean water, and then apply shampoo. After washing it, let it dry naturally.If the doll has straight hair, you can use a comb to comb; if it is curly hair, you can use a curling comb.

What to do if the doll is dyed?
When the doll is dyed with dark clothes, please follow the steps below:
1. Clean the dyed surface of the doll and wipe dry.
2. Dip an appropriate amount of decolorizing cream with a cotton swab and apply it evenly on the surface of the dyed skin of the doll.
3. After 5 hours (the longer the time, the better the decolorizing effect), wipe the decolorizing paste on the surface with a cotton swab, (the color that has faded can be seen on the cotton swab), and then reapply the decolorizing paste until dyeing Wait for 6 hours and wipe with a cotton swab. If the stained part still has color, please repeat the above operation until the color of the stained part is basically removed.
4. After the dyeing is removed, please clean the decolorized part, wipe off the water and apply a touch powder.


The decolorizing cream has no side effects on the skin material of the physical doll, please rest assured to use it. Decolorizing cream contains chemical ingredients, please keep this product out of the reach of children.



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