About the frequently asked question on the sex doll,we have listed some comment questions,If you don’t see your questions on the list feel free to contact us by email or live chat.(

Q. After payment, I don’t want it anymore, what should I do?

A, After payment, if you don't want it anymore, you can send us an email immediately to request cancellation of the shipment. If not, we will arrange the delivery. After delivery, if you want to cancel, we will charge the corresponding fee.

Q. The goods is in transit, but I don’t want it anymore, what should I do?

A. If the goods is in transit, first, we will intercept it. If it is successfully intercepted, we need to deduct the relevant freight before making a refund; If it cannot be intercepted, the customer can refuse to accept the goods after delivery. When refunding, we need to deduct the relevant shipping costs.

Q. What should I do if I am dissatisfied or disliked the product after receiving the goods?

A. After receiving the product, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact the customer service for a refund. The premise of the return is that the product has not been used before. Then contact the local fedex to return the product and send the returned tracking number to the customer service. When we receiving and inspecting the product, a refund will be issued for you.

Q. What is the duration, cost, and scope of the after-sales service?

A. After-sales duration is generally determined based on the time when the product is returned; after-sales costs are determined based on the shipping and return shipping costs; the scope of after-sales includes a series of conditions before and after delivery.

Q. Do you have any customization options?

A. You can customize skin color, eye wig color, standing feet, removable vagina.

Q. Is this an inflatable doll?

A. Of course not, our products are made of high-quality TPE medical silicone, and the skin is like a real person. Customers who buy from us, please rest assured that all the dolls we send are all physical dolls. Before buying, you can find us to check the physical map of the product, there will be no falsehoods.

Q. What countries you delivery to?

A. We delivery to US, Canada, and some European countries. If you are not sure whether your region is included, please contact us by

Q. Can I pick up the goods by myself instead of delivery?

A. Of course, but you need to contact us after you place the order and ask for self-pickup. We will deliver the goods to the FedEx or UPS site near you.

Q.Can I use lubricant?

A. Yes, the experience of using lubricants will be better,Please choose the lubricant that suits your physique!

Q. What should I do if I want to cancel or return?

A. If you want to cancel, please contact us immediately after placing the order! Once the goods are sent out, if you want to cancel, we will need to charge related fees. Please check Return Policy for return.

Q. Should I wear a condom?

A. You don't need to do this, if you want, you can!

Q. What is the best way to store sex dolls?

A. The best way to store the doll is to lay it flat and put it in the box. When putting it in, restore the doll's posture to the factory position. Do not bend the limbs. This will cause wrinkles in the skin of the doll's joints and cause the joints to age. When storing, please wash the doll and place it in a cool and dry environment. Do not wear dark clothing to the doll. It will stain the doll during storage. If it takes too long, it will not be easy to remove.

Q.Can I trust you will not reveal my privacy issues?

A. Absolutely not,our packaging is secret packaging without any words about sex, please rest assured. And we will not divulge any privacy of our guests, completely confidential.

Q. How long can I get my doll?

A. If shipped from US, LA, the delivery time is generally 3-7 days, If shipped from China,usually takes about a month.

Q. Can I dress up my sex doll?

A. Of course, you can dress up your sex doll according to your own ideas. You can go to a physical store or online shopping, and buy in the size of a normal person!

Q. Whatdifference between a standing feet and a regular feet?

A. The standing feet can stand like a real person. There are three screws under the feet, which are the key to supporting the doll. Regular feet can't stand up. She has no screws under her feet, so she can't stand up.

Q. Whats difference between built-in vagina and removable vagina?

A. The fixed vagina is like a real woman, the vagina is fixed inside the doll. The movable vagina is a light-colored tube that can be inserted into or withdrawn from the doll. The tube is fixed in place by the labia of the doll for use.

Which one is better? More than 80% of customers have chosen a sex doll with a fixed vagina because it provides the most authentic experience. If you want easy cleaning after use, you can consider removing the vagina.

Q. What should I do if my baby's skin is sticky?

A. Because when our dolls are made, in order to keep the skin of the dolls shiny, we apply talcum powder on the dolls and then pack them. Therefore, during the transportation, due to the squeezing between the goods, the it is found that the skin of the doll is a bit sticky, please feel free to use it, this is normal. You can clean it up with clean water before use, so that the doll will not have stickiness problems.

Q. How long can a sex doll last?

A. The service life of a sex doll can be maintained to 2-5 years depending on the careful care and use of the product. If you use too frequently without paying attention to maintenance, the life of the doll will be reduced. Therefore, when using it, pay attention to the position and angle of the doll. After each use, it should be restored to the original state and cleaned immediately . If the doll is accidentally damaged, we can provide repairs. We also have many articles and blog posts that can make you better understand the performance of the doll and make the doll look like new.


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