Clean Care

We use TPE silicone to make the sex dolls. This material will not fade easily and the color will not disappear, so all our girls look more beautiful and their makeup is longer.

1. When cleaning the product, please use warm water, do not use hot water, because TPE silica gel material is soluble, and the material will dissolve under the action of high temperature, thereby reducing the product life.

2. When cleaning the baby's face, wipe gently, not rough or vigorously, to avoid falling off the baby's eyelashes. If the eyelashes fall off accidentally, reattach them with glue.

3. When washing hair, you can remove it and put it in clean water for washing. It can be washed with soap or shampoo and then allowed to dry naturally. After drying, it can be treated with a comb to make it more natural and supple.

4. There are screws on the neck of the doll. When cleaning, please pay attention to avoid water flow into the neck, causing the screws to rust, thereby reducing the life of the doll.

5. After cleaning, place it in a dry, cool and ventilated place to dry. Do not use a hair dryer or a dryer, blow it dry, it will seriously damage the skin of the doll.

6. If there are stains on the doll, please use cleansing oil or white oil, and wipe it gently with a cotton swab to remove it. Do not use irritating liquid or disinfectant alcohol to wipe, it will corrode the skin of the baby.

7. Wash the doll every 10-30 days. After washing, you can apply baby powder on the whole body of the doll to avoid dry skin. (If you are allergic to talcum powder, please carefully select the product that suits you.)


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