Why is your product so cheap?

Many people may be wondering why the products on your website are so much cheaper than those on other websites? Is it a fake website? Here I want to tell everyone who is visiting that the products on our website are real, and they are also delivered. There is no false product. The price is so low because we are carrying out promotional activities, so sometimes the price It will be much lower than other websites, but the quality is guaranteed. If you still have any questions, you can contact us before placing the order, and we can send the physical map of the product for inspection.

The reasons for the low price are as follows:
1. Promotional activities: Because our website will carry out promotional activities from time to time, such as during the relevant holidays, and the time of promotional activities is sometimes longer, so the price will continue to be low for a period of time. If customers with limited funds, you can take advantage of this time Buy the products you want.

2. Clearance activities: Sometimes our overseas warehouses accumulate too many goods, which affects the storage space, so we will also carry out promotional activities for a period of time. If you come to our website and find that the price is much lower than other websites, don’t Worry, maybe we are carrying out clearance or promotional activities.

The price is so low, is the quality guaranteed? This is also the point that customers are most concerned about. I have spent so much money on a product. What should I do if there is a quality problem? Here, we can tell everyone responsibly that our products are quality guaranteed. As long as customers who buy on our website receive the product or within six months of using the product, there is a product quality reason, we can There is no need to worry about the trouble that cannot be solved after the quality problem occurs.

If you feel that the price of the product you want to buy is too high and you can’t afford it, you can contact us online or email us. When we receive your information, we will check whether our overseas warehouses are in stock, and then we will re-quote for you. If you find that our website does not have the way you want to make a payment, you can also contact us and we will help you.

Most of our products are shipped directly from the overseas warehouse LA, so it can greatly reduce the anxious waiting time and receive the desired goods faster. The carrier is generally Fedex, and the transportation time is about 2-5 days. If it is a product that needs to be shipped from China, the shipping time will be slightly longer(Such as product customization and some more expensive products). If this happens, we will send an email to inform us whether we accept the replacement of the goods or a refund.

This article is mainly to tell you why our prices are sometimes much cheaper than other websites, and some corresponding solutions. If you have other suggestions, you can discuss with us. And if you have a favorite product, don’t miss it, because she deserves it!

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