How to avoid pain when making love?

In daily sex life, many girls experience "pain". This kind of pain can happen during sex or after the end, and even lasts a few hours or days after the end. We generally call this condition "pain during intercourse."

 A survey conducted by the American "Redbook" magazine shows that about 80% of women have suffered from the pain of sex. Mainly manifested as tingling, swelling or burning pain in the vagina and vaginal opening. In fact, there are many causes of pain.

 The first type: pain caused by gynecological diseases.

Vaginitis: The mucous membrane in the vagina is red, swollen and painful.

Vulvitis: inflammation of the skin or mucous membrane of the vulva. Pelvic inflammatory disease: both acute and chronic can cause pain in girls.

Endometriosis: Different postures during sex will tender the ectopic lesions and cause pain.

 The second type: perineal tear and flue spasm.

Perineal tear: usually healed in a few days, but if you have sex again, you may be lacerated again.

Vaginismus: Mainly related to the woman's psychological factors. Under extreme anxiety and tension, the man's penis cannot be entered. If you enter forcibly, it will also cause pain during sex.

 The third type: too haste and insufficient foreplay. When making love, be simple and rude, and go straight to the subject. The woman can easily become stateless, unable to experience pleasure, and sometimes feel pain!

What should you do if your girlfriend shouts "it hurt" during sex?

1. Foreplay, do the foot, the movements should be gentle; you can spend more time to relax the woman's body and slowly enter the state. After the woman’s vagina is sufficiently moist, the pain during sex will be reduced. And in this process, don't be too rough and force, because women's private parts are very fragile, so you must grasp the scale.

2. Choose formal and qualified products for both sexes; some girls are slow or unable to enter the body due to physical or psychological reasons. At this time, they can use some lubricating products to help each other, so that both parties can have a better time.

In addition, when buying products for both sexes, be sure to buy materials that are not easily allergic to both parties, because some condoms are not good enough, which is also one of the reasons for the pain in the private parts of girls. If the woman feels pain every time she has sex, she must go to the hospital for examination in time. Don't ignore the woman's feelings for temporary pleasure! ~

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