Make-up of dolls

The make-up problem, make-up remover with olive oil ah make-up remover can be, all-purpose olive oil, very practical, there are dolls available. Can be removed, but no technical homestead men, easy not to wash eyebrows ok, because really few people can continue to draw eyebrows, sent back to spend very troublesome said. In the beginning, I recommend the first flower lip gloss or something. In the middle, I can come to the eyes, eyelashes, and so on. Including eyeballs can be purchased a bit of alternative, replaceable, the overall effect of a sudden change. Not to mention wigs, Amazon is a lot of, but to buy better quality, light color preferred. Don't envy other people's dolls how to do, are managed out, no matter how good dolls are also said by Chun Gu. It was hard at first, and I enjoyed it when I got familiar with it. Really will not change, Baidu sticker bar, BJD homemade or what, there are various cosmetic tutorials, slowly find. But don't all learn, because physical dolls are softer than BJD hollow, so don't choose color lead, common cosmetics will be good.


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