How to get pleasure during sex?

The most important cornerstone of a relationship between the sexes is mutual respect, which is of utmost importance to a relationship. Respect and integration into individuals who are completely different from oneself play a big role in the interaction between the sexes. Everyone's living habits may be different, and it is not easy to notice when alone, and the difference in living habits from when living with the other half will easily provoke conflicts. Once this happens, the other person needs to calm down and talk, because respect can make the relationship between the two more lasting.

What is inseparable from the relationship between the sexes is "sex", which is what we often call "making love." The time of reaching orgasm is different between men and women, so it is difficult to reach orgasm at the same time. When boys reach orgasm, girls still If the body is not fully opened, after a long time, women will generally perfunctory and pretend to have an orgasm. So what do we need to do to make each other reach climax at the same time and make our sexual life more harmonious?                                           

A high-quality sex feast, foreplay must not be sloppy. For some women, successful foreplay can bring them an orgasm. Conversely, if men have foreplay in a hurry, they may ruin their sexual interest. Therefore, gentle caress, kisses, sweet love words, etc. can lift the fire of the other party, and can more effectively promote the coming of orgasm. And women can also put on a set of erotic underwear after taking a shower, which can capture the interest of the other party, and will have a new feeling, it is worth a try! In addition to the erotic underwear that can increase interest, you can also try different sex positions. For most people, the female upper position can make both parties more exciting and help achieve orgasm; if you take the female lower position, on the hips Putting a pillow on it will also help stimulate the clitoris better and tease it so that the other person will feel satisfied!

In making love, the most important point is that women should not hide or be shy, and suppress the arrival of orgasm, which will lead to the disappearance of orgasm. In the process of making love, everyone will have a variety of performances, and you should go with the flow, don't have to cover up and suppress, the other party must also be understood and accepted. During sex, the two parties can communicate with each other and tell each other their feelings and needs. In this way, the foreplay or the length of the caress can be changed according to the time of the orgasm, so that each other can have an orgasm!

What if the other half is unwell and the other half wants to have sex? Once this happens, we can use sex toys. Sex toys are not only suitable for singles, but also for couples or couples. Being single for too long, there are always moments when you need to release your desires, then sex toys are a good choice. He/she can buy a sex doll to release his desires, or other sex toys are all right; And sex toys are also a good auxiliary helper for couples. Women can use sex toys to better open their bodies, which will make them better enter the state; and men can also use sex toys to help each other Open your own and find the other's sensitive points, so that you can better understand the other's body structure, so that each other can get pleasure!

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