How to dress up your sex doll?

In real life, most people are keen to dress up and go to beauty salons or barber shops from time to time to organize their appearance. Our sex dolls need this even more. For many sex doll's friends, a physical doll is not just a sex toy. but a real partners who bring them different warmth and companionship. Therefore, they often treat these physical dolls like a real partner, play with them, take them out to take pictures, and even dress them. And what I'm trying to say is how to dress up the doll?

With the passage of time, when you receive the joy of the doll from the beginning, you may gradually become bored. At this time, we need to re-dress our doll. First of all, you can change the hairstyle of the doll first. The wigs come in various colors and different lengths, so you need to change them according to your preference. Different wigs help to change the beauty of the doll and diversify its appearance. The wig is one of the most important parts of a doll. When you see a girl with messy hair on the street, do you still want to talk or socialize with her? The answer is definitely no; and our doll is the same, so you need to take care of it regularly to make it look more supple. Wigs can not only be purchased offline, but also in our shop. We have many styles of hair styles, the prices are still cheap, and they are shipped directly from the United States. Is it exciting?

You may find that when the doll is used for a long time, the makeup of the doll is a little off. At this time, you need to make up the doll. Haha, this will test your aesthetic ability. If you know how to make up a doll, you can ask your female friends, partners, or watch a makeup video. Different lip gloss, eye shadow and blush will change the overall appearance of a doll and make the doll more beautiful. However, when applying makeup to the doll, special attention should be paid to not using oil-based paints and liquid cosmetics, as this may leave stains on the skin of the doll. It is also very easy to remove makeup. You only need to apply a suitable makeup remover to the makeup remover, and then gently wipe the makeup. Then you can change to another makeup. Isn’t it convenient?

You can decorate the doll according to your ideal type. You can dress her up as a royal sister, a Loli, a maid, a pure girl, etc., as long as you can think of, you can decorate her. After finishing this, do you feel that something is missing? Yes, it is our jewelry. You can match her with a delicate earring, hold a cute messenger bag in your hand, and put a delicate tattoo on her arm. Will this make her more smart and cute? The answer is obviously yes

Everyone wants to have a perfect girlfriend, but not everyone can find a perfect girlfriend! And she-sex doll can help you realize this wish. You can dress her as you like, but you also need to take good care of her. Do you want to experience changing her makeup? Then don't hesitate, take her home and change her!

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