How to clean the vagina of the doll?

Regarding cleaning the vagina of a doll, many people may be confused. How can it be cleaned? Proper care of your doll will greatly extend its lifespan, keeping her flesh elastic and clean.

This article focuses on how to clean the vagina of the doll.

When purchasing a sex doll, your choice on whether to go with a removable or fixed vagina makes a great difference, especially when it comes to cleaning and general maintenance.

How to clean a sex doll with a fixed vagina?

While cleaning a sex doll with a fixed vagina might not be a walk in the park, it doesn't have to be a headache either. And because you'll have to bear the entire body weight of the doll when cleaning, we recommend using a plastic stool to support the weight.

This sanitary tool allows you to comfortably place the sex doll in the ideal position for faster and more effective cleaning. You also need a vaginal douche or portable shower nozzle to ensure that body fluids are drained from the vagina.

Use the detergent recommended by the manufacturer to avoid damaging the doll’s skin and ensure that the vagina is cleaned after each use to maintain optimal hygiene.

Cleaning steps for fixed vagina sex doll:

1. If the doll is a standing model, stand it directly; if it is a normal model, lay the doll flat on the bathtub or on a smooth floor. Please note that sharp objects should be kept away from the doll.
2. Mix warm water and recommended detergent (antibacterial soap) in the bucket, and inject the solution into the vaginal douche
3. Insert the irrigator into the vagina in an upright position (this will ensure the water flows out) and inject soapy water to drain body fluids and any other dirt
4. Repeat 2-3 times for best results
5. Then keep the sex doll in a standing position to drain all the water
6. Insert a clean towel in the vagina to recover all moisture
7. Finally, put the doll on the sofa or bed, gently wipe the doll's body with a soft towel, and keep it dry with talcum powder.

How to clean a removable vagina cleaning sex doll?
Sex dolls with removable vaginas are very easy to clean and maintain because you only need to eject them and wash them separately. This is the way to clean the movable vagina.

Cleaning steps of removable vagina:
1. Withdraw the detachable vagina from the sex doll and turn it over
2. Use clean warm water and mild soap to clean (do not use harsh cleaning products)
3. Dry the sex doll with a clean towel, and then carefully insert the vagina into the lower body of the doll
4. Cleaning the vagina of a TPE sex doll is the best and the most effective maintenance tips, which will help extend the life of the doll.
5. After each use, cleaning your sex doll’s vagina should be the first thing you need to do.
6. When cleaning, make sure to rinse the vagina several times with clean water to make sure it is clean.

Do you understand the steps to clean the doll’s vagina? If not, then give it a try!

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