How Often did People Have Sex During the Pandemic?

As the number of people infected with covid-19 has increased, all countries have implemented urban lockdowns. The blockade is to prevent the spread of the virus and to isolate the virus from contact with humans in a timely manner. Of course, there are also certain inconveniences, such as: wearing a mask when going out to play, keeping a certain social distance with others, and not being too close; and it will also have a certain impact on couples or family members who live apart. Of course, this also affects people's sex lives.


According to Research

A study published in The Journal of Sex Research examined the sexual habits of nearly 500 British adults between 18 and 32 during lockdowns. The researchers found that sexual activities and social restrictions are inversely proportional. As social rules increased and tightened, fewer and fewer people engaged in sexual activities.

Dr. Liam Wignall, a lecturer in psychology at Bournemouth University, told Salon that the study does not limit itself to sexual intercourse. Things like masturbation, with or without using sex dolls and sex toys, watching pornography, and online sexual relationships are also included.

The study revealed that there had been a decrease in engagements for each of these behaviors. Casual sex, like one-night stands, has the most significant drop. Considering how the world is right now, that was to be expected. According to the data gathered, sexual intercourse of this nature happened 88% less during the lockdown.

Sex Life of Different Genders During Lockdown

Men and women admitted that since lockdown started, they had a decrease in sexual desire. The study also revealed that women are more affected than men. It is not surprising, according to Dr. Wignall. He says that sexual desire naturally decreases during times of anxiety and stress. He also explained that women are more affected than men because they are typically in charge of chores and childcare. That, combined with their job- if they have one, makes them more tired and leaves no more time to think about sexual things. Thus, they are reported to have the lowest participation in sexual activities happening during lockdowns. Men claimed to be more active than women, while non-binary and non-cisgender people are revealed to have the most active sex life.

Therefore, the reduction in sexual activity during a pandemic can be called a health crisis. And having a good sexual activity is very important. The partners who live together can have sex at any time, as long as protective measures are taken; how can partners who do not live together alleviate sexual loneliness? Then sex dolls are a good choice. Various styles of sex dolls can be chosen at your discretion. The quality is guaranteed and the price is low. It can also ensure the safety of sexual intercourse and reduce the spread of the virus. And we also put more attention on sex doll products, update product photos from time to time, and can also customize.

The emergence of the epidemic has made people finally realize the importance of sex in our lives. Feeling good and ecstatic is more than just an act. On the contrary, it is as important to our well-being as our physical and mental health. Having a healthy sex life has an important effect on our body and mind.


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