Why are women more likely to arouse sexual desire when kissing?

Between partners, for women, kissing is the source of their desire, especially when making love, it can arouse the desire and nature of women the fastest, so boys must not ignore the special requirements of women, because If you want both parties to have a harmonious and pleasant sex life, kissing is essential. After all, for women, the intimate contact of kissing, touching, ear-and-temple rubbing is much more important than those few boring exercises, because it is the most important part of foreplay, without it, there is no emotional foreplay. For many women, it is almost equal to no "love", "making love" without "love", you say it is not important.

What role does kissing play in life?
1. Express feelings and erotic desires
In a broad sense, a kiss is usually touching other things with the lips, usually a person, and it may show different meanings due to different objects, situations and national backgrounds. In modern Western culture, kissing is a common way of expressing love. They will briefly touch each other’s cheeks with their lips or touch each other lightly with their cheeks to greet, express greetings or say goodbye. In Europe and Latin America, this is a common way of greeting between men and women and between women. Elders and children can also express affection through kissing.

And when we use "kissing" to describe this behavior, it is given a special meaning and also adds a layer of romantic rose filter.

"Kissing" generally occurs between lovers and is used to express love and sexual desire. It is manifested as two people’s lips touching each other, and the longer the duration, the stronger the emotion. By the way, many couples may also suck each other’s lips, or put their tongues in each other’s mouth for an affectionate French kiss


2. The important role of kissing in sexual relations
A study conducted by the University of Oxford in the United States and the United Kingdom showed that kissing is an important behavior in sexual relationships, because kissing has the following functions in intimate relationships: partner evaluation, promotion of sexual arousal, and Victoria's secret close relationship.

Partner assessment: kissing may convey information about partner quality
The initial attraction between people comes from factors such as appearance and body size, but to determine whether a person is worth starting a long-term intimate relationship, kissing may be crucial. Earlier studies have shown that the smell of the mouth and breath may indicate potential health problems. Some scholars believe that kissing may be an evaluation process, which brings people closer together, so that the health quality of potential partners can be evaluated by means of smell and taste. In addition, the call of sebum during kissing can also transmit pheromone and hormone information.
Due to limited reproductive capacity and more investment costs, females may have stricter requirements for mating partners, so they pay more attention to the role of kissing in sexual relations than men, and are more inclined to evaluate their partners through kissing.
In addition, women have a higher ability to detect smell and taste than men, and also have a higher sensitivity to skiing during ovulation. This ability allows women to better use chemical sensory cues to assess during kissing. Potential partner.

3. Kissing can promote sexual arousal
Kissing is also a behavior that can promote sexual arousal and enhance people's acceptance of sex. Studies have shown that men will kiss as a strategy to gain sexual contact with women. Although men tend to pay less attention to kissing, the results of the study indicate that men prefer "moist kisses." During the kissing process, they like to open their mouths and make more tongue contact. This is because men's skiing sensation detection ability is weaker than women's, so they need more saliva exchange to respond to various adults in women's saliva. So for women, kissing more after sex can increase their sexual satisfaction. Studies have shown that deep kisses during sexual intercourse can increase the likelihood of female orgasm.

4. Kissing can maintain intimacy
Receiving a kiss may indicate that a person has made a commitment to another person and that he is willing to fall in love with the other person. Activities that can trigger sexual excitement, such as kissing, may increase the level of oxytocin in both men and women, and oxytocin can be used in interpersonal relationships. Increase our pleasure in communication. Moreover, kissing is more useful than any other method when the two sides have a quarrel!

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