How about the 140cm Girlfriend?

If you want to find a small, lively girlfriend, then keep on reading! Because this article can satisfy all your fantasies, this blog post is mainly about 140 cm dolls. They are short in stature and have beautiful faces; and their weight is much lighter and easier than other height dolls; not only that, they also have a pair of soft and round breasts, which makes people sigh; when you look closely, you will find their tight and trembling vaginas and slightly open labia, looking forward to your joining invites you to experience the most carnival party in the world.

And you will also discover how exciting their bodies are. You can explore every inch of her unscrupulously, feel her shivering body, and constantly stimulate the nerves in the deepest part of your brain, making you hit again and again The deepest part of her vagina, and she will not refuse any request from you, and will actively cooperate with you. So, come and take your girlfriend, because she is so fascinating.

Now let me introduce you a good girlfriend, come and choose!

1.Avery 140cm F Cup Asian Big Boobs Sex Doll
Avery is our most popular high-quality girlfriend in this series, because she has a super high face value, and a pair of round and soft breasts, slightly raised mouth, like shy and anticipation. She is shy because she is a virgin and was seen by you; and looking forward to it is because she wants to try to have sex, wondering if it is as exciting as she imagined.

2.Flora 140cm F Cup Big Breast Mori Sex Doll
She is a Mori girl, which is in line with her temperament, and she also has many beautiful clothes. No, she wore a set of her favorite clothes and took a set of Mori photos she had liked for a long time. You see, how pure and abstinent she is! Now I like the European-style court clothes, but she can't change clothes by herself, so can you help her?

3.Ruth 140cm TPE Solid Sex Love Doll
Ruth was born in a generous family since he was a child, and he has been carefree since he was a child, and is a real white and rich beauty. You see how tempting her straight legs are after putting on silk stockings, her watery eyes are staring at you, don't you want to do something? Yes, take off her seductive black silk, kiss her delicate lips, and give her everything she wants.

4.Layla 140cm Big Breast Sleeping Beauty Sex Doll
Layla has been serving you for a day, and now she is sleeping soundly! You see, her sleeping face is very elegant, even though she was still very slutty in the first second, she can be so elegant in the next second, she is indeed a "fickle woman". Do you want to fuck her severely now? Because you can’t control your desire anymore, you want to feel the texture of the vagina again, keep hitting her g-spot and a-spot, and feel the moment when the semen is ejected at orgasm, then just do it, don’t worry about her Will blame you, because she has already woke up!

Whether you are heterosexual, lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, ace or aro, you are welcome to enter this space, because everyone has the right to pursue sex, and if you are embarrassed to be honest with others If you are gay, or you don’t have a girl/boyfriend, then this is your world, because this is not a shameful thing, everyone has a need, so come and take your girlfriend / boyfriend go home.

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