How about vibrator sex toys for couple and women?

Do you remember the love period when you first dated? Can just a simple kiss make two people feel excited for a long time? But as the time of communication gets longer and longer, the original freshness and throbbing are slowly worn away and become ordinary.

Just like a song you like, it will feel boring to listen to a single loop for too long. Repeat three meals a day, even if each one is your favorite food, it is likely that you will be tired within a month.

Things that should be passionate have become mechanized. Sometimes boys simply don’t even do foreplay, just want to jump to the main link immediately. Girls may have to cooperate with the acting for the self-esteem of boys, and finally have to pretend to have an orgasm. There is no passion, no surprises, and no pleasure. I should have enjoyed it. In the end, it turned into a performance that forced me to have no pleasure. I thought it was better to sleep quietly. It's just that maintaining a relationship requires freshness, and so does sex. So, how to improve the quality of sex life and keep the relationship fresh?

There are many ways to solve this problem. Couples need to explore and try together. There is a more convenient way: use some small toys. Richard Longhurst, the founder of LoveHoney in the United Kingdom, said: "In the past, people thought that sex toys were used because you might not find a target. But the reality is that most of the people who use sex toys are couples or couples. People are more satisfied with their sex life." In other words, if the sex life between you and your partner is not very harmonious, you may need some gadgets. Even some old couples and wives have been indifferent all the year round after giving birth, because of the appearance of small toys, they have renewed their passion, and the frequency has increased a lot.

New and old players get started for the first time, be gentle, and sink once;
1. The veteran driver in the love scene is deeply fun and can't stop it;
2. Long-distance couples, peach-colored toys to relieve love;
3. Plain as water, old couples and old wives, rekindling love;

In a word, the appearance is cute, but the heart is fierce. I sincerely recommend that all adult sisters give it a try. The wave of physical pleasure is beyond your imagination.

Many boys will like to wear black silk, sexy underwear, uniforms and other clothing, mainly to mobilize the desire between the two sides, so that each other will leave a meaningful time. Girls are different. The threshold for a woman to have sexual impulse is higher than that of a man. It can't be solved by changing into a uniform. You need to use various foreplay methods to arouse desire in order for her to reach orgasm. According to the survey, 45.5% of women believe that lack of foreplay is the main reason for dissatisfaction with their sexual life.

How to use foreplay to tease girls correctly?

Try to caress your significant other before entering the subject. From the ear to the waist, the kiss slips down like a drizzle. At this time, look at each other gently, and then use the sex toy to start foreplay assistance. Under the sucking function of sex toys, pulsed sound waves can stimulate the deepest sensitive parts like a pudding. The pleasure is conveyed to the whole body like an electric current, and the soul rushes out of the sky. At this time, the girl is like riding a roller coaster, taking the cloud again and again, diving back to the ground, floating like an immortal, wanting to stop. It took less than a minute to make the woman intolerable, just like the dam fills up to the warning water level, then the boyfriend will take the opportunity to relay, let the dam burst, is it very exciting and very pleasant?

Kissing your clitoris under a soft cotton-like tongue, the sensitive area is frantically slapped, and the whole body is numb instantly, like a flame being lit in a secluded place, and feathers pass the tingling stimulus, whether it is used on the upper body or the lower body. The strong women of, will succumb under its sweet offensive and give up themselves without reservation. Believe me, after one time, it will become a guest of your sex scenes. Originally, a kind of happiness has been enough to sink people, let alone double happiness, with climaxes, just want to make the "storm" more violent, and the waves are higher than the waves.

Moreover, the vibration frequency of this product is also very small, so it will not be known by others that you are using it, so you can use it with confidence! The product is shipped secretly, no one will know what is inside, and no private information about you will be revealed, so you can buy with confidence.

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