How about a standing feet sex doll?

All dolls on our website can be customized, you can choose wig, eye color, skin color, removable vagina and standing feet. This article is mainly about standing dolls. Standing feet mainly refers to the structural changes in the foot area. That is to say, there are three special screws on its feet, which allow the doll to stand autonomously. This can make the "sex doll" look more realistic. But standing dolls can only wear flat shoes, we strongly recommend not to use high heels. The price of standing dolls and ordinary dolls are the same. If you choose a standing doll when buying, we will try our best to meet your requirements. Except for special circumstances, thank you for your understanding.

Why do some people prefer sex dolls with standing feet?
The skin of sex dolls is composed of meat-like materials (such as TPE or silicone), while the internal material of sex dolls is composed of heavy metal skeletons. The bones are also a vital part of sex dolls, because it can make The doll moves more realistically and assumes some difficult poses. Therefore, some people will pursue the realism of use and choose standing dolls; while some people are because the standing dolls are easier to carry than ordinary dolls, which can reduce the weight during the movement; while some people just simply like it. Standing we can choose according to our own preferences.

The composition of these materials may cause the weight of the doll to be inconsistent. The height of the doll will also cause the weight of the doll to be different. The difference in some cups is also a reason for the difference in weight. So sometimes if you see dolls of the same height , And the weight is different, it may be caused by the difference in the cup, so there is no need to worry. If you want a lighter doll, you can always contact us.
Because in the case of standing, the weight of the doll will be concentrated on the feet, thereby reducing the weight of the doll's body, but often letting the doll stand up may cause a little wear on the screws of the doll's feet. Therefore, please use it according to the situation, whether the doll is allowed to stand, so as to ensure the life of the doll. Standing dolls are suitable for dolls over 140 cm. When buying standing dolls and normal dolls, you need to consider the following advantages and disadvantages:

. Easy to clean
. No external support required
. Convenient to take photos
. Be more realistic when making love

. Screws may move and fall
. Need to find a balance point for standing
. Limited range of foot movement
. Not suitable for foot fetish (with screws on the feet)
. Not suitable for high heels

Note: When storing, do not store the doll standing up to prevent the standing foot from being torn due to excessive force and reducing the life of the doll. When storing, it is best to lay the doll flat in a box, or place it on a bed, away from sharp objects. If necessary, please read the product manual carefully.

If you also want to experience the difference between a standing doll and a normal doll, then come and buy it, because it only takes 3-5 days to receive your beloved doll. Stop being lonely anymore and have some fun for yourself!


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