Christmas is coming

The gorgeous Christmas tree shining in the window, although this year has been slightly depressed due to the impact of the epidemic, the streets and lanes are still full of the atmosphere of Merry Christmas, making a challenging year to have a perfect ending!

Christmas is a holiday for Western Christianity to commemorate the birth of Jesus, so it is also called "Jesus Christmas" and "Nativity", and Catholicism is also called "Jesus Christmas Feast". The birth date of Jesus is not recorded in the Bible, so the Roman church began to celebrate this holiday on December 26 in 336 AD. The reason why they chose to celebrate Christmas on this day is because Christians believe that Jesus is just and eternal. sun. On Christmas Day, everyone gave each other gifts, held banquets, and added a festive atmosphere with Santa Claus and Christmas trees to welcome Christmas. Therefore, on December 25, Christmas became one of the most important holidays in the Western world.

One of the most important traditions of Christmas is to accept gifts from Santa Claus. Many children believe that they can receive gifts from Santa Claus on Christmas Day, so they will write to Santa Claus as early as Christmas and tell him what gifts he wants, and then throw them into the fireplace to let the gifts rise. Cooking smoke brings their wishes to Santa Claus. There are also some shops or one of the parents will find excuses to go out, pretending to be Santa Claus, and ask their children what gifts they want and what are the conditions for receiving gifts. On Christmas Eve, the children will hang colorful socks on the head of the bed, and put a cup of hot milk next to the socks to quench the thirst of the hard-working Santa Claus and get their beloved gifts.

In the United States, traditional foods at Christmas banquets include turkey, mashed potatoes, lingonberry sauce, etc. to celebrate the advent of Christmas. Roasted turkey is not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, it is also the most common main course at Christmas banquets. . Some people don’t eat roast turkey, but ham or roast goose. Dessert is also the most important activity after the Christmas dinner. There are sweet pies, plum pudding and fruit cakes. Eggnog is also a favorite drink for many families. The Christmas should be held at noon. The staple foods include roast turkey or roast goose, Christmas pudding, sweet pies and wine. The Gregorian calendar algorithm of each country is different, so the holiday time is also different.

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