Are these sex dolls legal?

For many people, one of the biggest concerns about buying sex dolls is is it legal? The answer is yes. Of course, the laws and regulations of each country are different, so when buying, you can refer to the local laws and regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble. However, except for products similar to children, this type of product is not allowed to be sold in many countries, because it is a kind of "pedophilia", and "pedophilia" is a mental illness. Being attracted to young children and having sex, so for many countries, this is shameful, so the sale of sex dolls similar to children will be prohibited. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of the sex doll market, our website only sells dolls over 140 cm. 

Why are dolls that resemble children banned? Because each country has different exposure to sex dolls, for example, in Spain, France and other countries, it is possible to provide artificial doll sex services and are legal; while Japan is a country that has a long research on sex dolls, no matter what type 's products are legal here; while in Australia, although adult movies are legal, if the image of children appears in the movie, you may be arrested by the police. If you have a child simulation doll, you may be caught sentenced to imprisonment on the grounds that "pedophilia" may extend its magical claws to children. It can be seen that the laws of various countries have different regulations on sex dolls. The original intention of these laws is to protect children from illegal infringements. Regardless of the form, we are doing our best to protect children. Therefore, when buying sex dolls, please consciously abide by local laws. Regulations, let us work together to maintain a clean sex doll market.

Why are sex dolls so popular nowadays? It is because in the early days, due to the imprisonment of ideas, people would regard such products as taboos, which is shameful, so when buying, people will consider many factors. Now, people are advocating freedom, so more and more people are buying sex dolls. They no longer suppress their sexual desires as before and regard sex dolls as the best option to meet their needs.

With the advancement of technology, there are more and more types of sex dolls, not only more and more beautiful, but also more and more realistic, so this has also led to the rapid growth of the sex doll industry. In order to pursue profit, some manufacturers neglect the quality of their products, which also happens from time to time, which also leads to constant changes in customer requirements for sex dolls. The products on our website are all high-quality products, as long as the product is damaged or damaged due to quality problems, we can compensate.

For many customers, in addition to beautiful products, the most important thing is product flexibility, because product flexibility determines the customer's satisfaction with the product to a large extent, but it gives them a lot of pleasure.

Since we only sell legal sex dolls, you can directly enter our inventory-In stock to choose. Our products meet the highest safety standards, have passed quality and installation tests, and have a longer service life than general alternative products. Just contact us on our website, we will pursue sexual happiness with you.

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