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About Our Company

Welcome to the "realnwdoll" website, we are a small enterprise integrating production, research and development, manufacturing, sales and wholesale. The types of products we sell include mini sex dolls, blonde sex dolls, big breast sex dolls, small breast sex dolls, silicone dolls, male sex dollsmale masturbator and so on.

About Customization
In addition to the sex dolls on our website, you can also customize products that are not on our website. For example: if you want a product on our website, but you are not satisfied with the product's height, eyes, or wig, you can contact us and ask for your options. We also support detachable vagina, standing feet, skin color and other requirements. You can create a sex doll specifically for yourself.

About NWDoll

The products in our shop are not only guaranteed quality, but also brand guaranteed. We have registered with the US Trademark Office and can be checked anytime, anywhere.

About Material

Our products are made of TPE medical silica gel. The material has no harm to the human body, is non-toxic, tasteless, not easy to deform, strong pulling force, and easy to clean. Our products are made based on real people. They are very sexy and easy to operate. The vagina is full of stimulus and will bring you a unique orgasm




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  • I purchased one of your dolls and am very pleased with it. I received an instruction manual that gave info on joint movement and basic care. Can you give me recommendations on which lubricants can be used safely or which should not be used? Any info about care of the product would be appreciated. Thanks.

    David Demuth

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