A new sex doll - Erica

She was born in a well-off family in Russia. Her father was a doctor and told Erica how to protect herself since she was a child. Erica's mother was a gardener, and her home was full of flowers, making her home. Like a princess' castle. Erica finds it very magical, so she has also become a gardener, dressing her home beautifully every day

Big and soft breasts, round buttocks, and three-dimensional features make her very sexy. Every man is obsessed with her, wants to have sex with her, and wants to experience her tight and smooth vagina.. .... But she has never found a boy who treats her sincerely, which makes her very distressed. I don't want to see her having such a sullen life. I want to find a careful and responsible boy to take care of her and love her. This person is you, would you like to take care of her all the time? And make a happy life every day?

This is a very high-quality tpe doll with a built-in metal frame, which weighs about an adult and is very realistic. She is also very flexible. She can take many poses that a real person can't do. The vagina full of irritating texture increases the friction during sex. Did it arouse the desire in your body? Click on the link https://www.realnwdoll.com/collections/ to view more pictures of Erica, you will find that she is perfect! you will love it! And we also have other big boobs sex doll for you, Click here to see our full Big Boobs sex doll collection:



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